Import Tabular Data

Google Sheets Add-Ons

This add-on for Google Sheets

Designed to convert and import structured tabular data of various file formats directly in Google Sheets.

Currently, the following formats are supported for import: xlsx, xls, doc, docs, txt, csv, pdf, google sheets, google docs, xml

The add-on does not collect user personal data(PRIVACY POLICY)

The principle of operation of the supplement is as follows:
1. The user needs to go to the Google Sheets add-ons menu and open the Import Tabular Data sidebar;
2. Select the storage location for the file whose tabular data you want to import into Google Sheets: Google Drive or a local computer;
3. The file is sent to our server, where the search and processing of the tabular data of the file takes place;
4. After processing, a response is generated and the data is sent back in addition;
5. The add-on transforms the received data into a tabular view and displays it in the active Google Sheets cell. The active cell is the upper left corner of the published table.

To install the add-on follow the link below and follow the installation instructions.