Due to the fact that Google requires verification of all applications and add-ons for certain APIs, and our solutions require access to Google Drive and Google Sheets users, you must obtain the appropriate permission through the privacy policy described below.

1. The collection of personal information is carried out exclusively by Google and our developments are only indirectly related to working with classes of Google products. Our applications and add-ons do not collect data;

2. Any personal information is sent only as part of the agreements between the user and Google. Our applications and add-ons do not send personal data;

3. Our applications and add-ons do not work with personal information for analytical research on the decision side;

4. Receiving user e-mail is necessary in order to be able to provide advanced functionality in cases of paid subscription;

5. My add-ons use the following action areas: - to call the sidebar, on which there are buttons for calling up functions for opening dialog boxes for working with Google Drive and local files; - for transferring, processing and returning tabular data of files on a server; - to read Google Drive Files that the user chooses to convert to the required format and download to Google Sheets; - to obtain data on access to files and nested elements; - for entering converted data received from user files directly into the Google Sheets from which the call was made.